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Kabula - A Preview Video (EN) by Epitrapaizoume

Kabula - A Preview Video (EN) by Epitrapaizoume 📌 Timestamps for quick jump: ◼️ Intro: 0:00 ◼️ Game Description: 2:36 ◼️ Theme: 3:19 ◼️ Components: 4:29 ◼️ Game Setup: 6:22 ◼️ The Basics (RON, Actions, Parts etc.): 15:17 ◼️ Exploring the Island (Movement, Dungeons, Encounters etc.): 24:18 ◼️ Commerce (Shopping, Equipment etc.): 32:00 ◼️ Getting into Fights: 36:39 ◼️ Monsters: 49:16 ◼️ Stealing the Kabula: 57:18 ◼️ The End of the Game: 1:05:02 ◼️ Conclusion & Final Opinion: 1:07:46 🎲 Check out our Kickstarter preview video for the board game Hegemony Lead Your Class to Victory 🙂 ★ | Come and join the most active gaming community ★ | More about the game here: 👉 ★ | We can't stop playing... #boardgames #epitrapaizoume #επιτραπέζιο #παιχνίδι #επιτραπαίζουμε Subscribe to Epitrapaizoume Here: 🎲 SUBSCRIBE ► | ★ 🎥 MORE VIDEOS ► | ★ Music: Epitrapaizoume on Social Media: 📌 WEBSITE: 📌 FACEBOOK: 📌 INSTAGRAM: 📌 TWITTER: 📌 DISCORD: ❓ QUESTION - If you have any question about the game or about board games in general, please leave it in the comments section below:
Kabula Review — Satire RPG for All Sorts of Fantasies

Kabula Review — Satire RPG for All Sorts of Fantasies

Unbelievable stupidity and satire awaits in this tabletop adventure board game for 2-6 players where players must compete to steal the Kabula tree of immortality before killing the Herald, a big bad evil monster! Traverse a sandbox island full of dungeons, monsters, and loot as you level up enough to be able to steal the Kabula tree and defeat the Herald. The thing is though, the presentation of Kabula is insanely outlandish. There's flavor text everywhere, and your progression and mechanics have hilarious explanations behind them. Exp is essentially hashtag tokens to progress personality build paths, and resource management is tied to specific body part pieces like legs for movement. However, as a kickstarter prototype, there's also some jank that's not intentional like a rulebook that needs work and some busted items/abilities that aren't exactly balanced. Then again, for a board game as goofy as Kabula, the focus probably isn't on making crazy strategic engines and outplays, but rather a streamlined experience of exploring hexes and doing dumb stuff with very little downtime, and Kabula holds very true to time for board game night! Check out the kickstarter prelaunch link! Support us on Patreon: Purchase Games We’ve Reviewed! (Paid Link) Shelfside Social Media: Links to our other stuff: Ashton's Channel: Daniel's Channel: Table of Contents: Intro - (0:00) Overview - (0:29) How to Play - (1:16) Pros - (3:52) Cons - (20:13) Tentative Score - (33:38) Ashton's Personal Score - (38:05) #boardgames #tabletop #review
Kabula Review - A World of Unbelievable Stupidity








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