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Humans summoned into a magical world prove once more how foolish they are!

In a fantasy Island, a magic tree, the Kabula, is held in a Sanctuary to ensure immortality to all inhabitants. The balance is broken when a bunch of deranged characters from Earth find themselves transported to the Island. Their surreal adventures include heavy satire on several topics and the game is suggested to a mature audience.

Kabula is a competitive, 2-5 player game (+solo mode), involving elements of tabletop RPG, adventure/skirmish board games and which takes a satirical twist on the fantasy theme. Each player takes on the role of one human character, with the goal to steal the Kabula from the Sanctuary and use it for their purpose.

Highlights of the game are: Strategical and fast paced combat based on novel mechanics; the possibility to keep one monster as "familio"; asymmetric heroes;  hilarious encounters. 


This is the Kabula, the Tree of Life. Revered on a small Island inhabited by all sorts of magical beasts and any other fantasy tropes you can think of. 

While it is placed in the Kabula Sanctuary, its powers are amplified to the point that Death is impossible and everybody killed is immediately revived there.

Too much power can disturb the space-time continuum though and peculiar items began arriving on the Island. First it was books, then plastics, then phones and social media.

Each player takes on the role of one human hero, summoned from modern Earth into the Island and firmly intentioned to steal the powerful Kabula tree and use it for their own purpose.  

Do you think anybody can just walk in and steal the Kabula? You need to be famous before you are allowed to get that close! 

While exploring Encounters on the Island, you will face choices and get Tags (#) on  your personality cards with a matching trait. 

Each hero can develop to three different personalities, each with unique abilities and asymmetric powers.

Players will perform actions spending "Part" tokens, which represent their energy. There are 5 different Parts: Brain, Teeth, Guts, Legs and Butt.


Each hero starts with unique set of Actions and Parts. During the game, players will collect all sort of equipment cards to broaden their choice of actions and harvest more Parts, by fighting with Monsters and participating in Encounters. This makes each game unique, with endless possibility of customization!

The 5 types of Parts, are used to power different kind of actions!

  • Brain for mental actions, such as tricking your enemy into doing something stupid!​

  • Teeth for aggressive actions, most melee weapons require teeth to trigger their actions!

  • Butts for heavy actions, such as pushing. Lifting most shields will require spending a butt!

  •  Legs for movement and evasive actions.

  • Guts are more general and usually connected with stamina or ranged attacks.

Aim dice include all parts icons and determine where physical attacks land. You can collect armours with passive defense that trigger automatically any time you are hit in a certain part. For example a good helmet may spare you some damage when an somebody attacks you and rolls a Brain on their aim.


In a similar way, attacking a wild monster may trigger unique behaviours on their side if you hit them in specific areas! 

The Kabula Tree is protected by a powerful Herald. The Tree and its Guardian synchronized their energy, therefore it is not possible to fully master the power of the Kabula while the Herald is alive!

The player who holds the Kabula once the Herald is killed wins the game!

After one hero steals the Kabula, resurrection is not possible anymore and a Death match begins: The player who has the Kabula will want to kill the Herald, before the other players steal the Tree or the Herald kills everybody.

Each Herald has a deck of cards which determines its behaviour before the Kabula is stolen and a Herald Mat with its combat actions. All Heralds behave in completely different ways, changing the mood of the game entirely!


Kabula is not only a board game to us. Since 2016, it has been bringing together people, becoming something more. Groups of friends have spent countless hours having fun while playing Kabula. If you would like to join this group of people, please check our playtesting section and join us on this adventure.


Kabula is not only a board game to us. Since 2016, it has been bringing together people, becoming something more. Groups of friends have spent countless hours having fun while playing Kabula. If you would like to join this group of people, please check our playtesting section and join us on this adventure.


Some call them playtesters, we call them heroes!

Alberto Di Bartolo, Samuel Thelaus, Toyo Vignal, Daniele C., Claudio Pecoraro, Viviana Compagno, Andrea Zaffora, Francesca Cilluffo, Federica Zanca, Martin Livingston, Conor Dunn, Gordon Govan, "Monty" R.M., Begliola Kaso, Diana Jelenova, Nello Raffaele Addamo, Federica Tumminello, Daniele Tumminello, Alfredo Ongaro, Alvaro Conde, Tom Stanton, Ieva Keraite, Mhairi Clark, Damaso Sanchez, Rahat, Gabriele Falconetti, Turi Caputo, Davide Di Giuseppe, Ben Esfandiar, Witold Mielczarek, Anna Garcia Teruel, Matteo Pellegri, Marco La Barbera, Tito Di Sazio, Salvo Belfiore, Laura Migliore, Riccardo Bertorelli, Salvatore Iavarone, Antonio Verdina, Marianna Solli, Valerio Verdina, Giorgio Siragusa, Mario Almart, Ameya Vaidya, Gabriele Bertolini, Elisabetta, Giuseppe Liga, Lia Verdina, Nahema Venceslai, Jacopo Baldi, Goffredo Piani, Yannis Guerra, Luca Giurintano, Eugenio Corrado, Nemetrix, Crazydreams, Kate Ciałowicz, DJ, Tommaso Vella, Marco M., Crilla, Darien, Ivan Alexiev, Average Ferrectum Enjoyer, Fabrizio Gargano, Massimilano Amadei, Simone Muggeo, Robert Bertrand, Shami, Rory, Paola, Hermes, Xabi, Marina  + All those we did not manage to contact. Your name may be lost but your feedback will live forever in Kabula!


Now you are thinking: what do burgers have to do with a fantasy board game? The answer is nothing. But, whether you love them or hate them, now we have your attention.

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