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Humans summoned into a magical world prove once more how foolish they are!

In a fantasy Island, a magic tree, the Kabula, is held in a Sanctuary to ensure immortality to all inhabitants. The balance is broken when six deranged characters from Earth find themselves transported to the Island. Their surreal adventures include heavy satire on several topics and the game is suggested to a mature audience.

Kabula is a competitive, 2-6 player game, involving elements of tabletop RPG and humorous, branching storylines. Each player takes on the role of one human character, with the goal to steal the Kabula from the Sanctuary and use it for their purpose.

Highlights of the game are: Strategical and fast paced combat based on novel mechanics; the possibility to keep one monster as "familio"; asymmetric heroes;  hilarious encounters. 



Kabula is not only a board game to us. Since 2016, it has been bringing together people, becoming something more. Groups of friends have spent countless hours having fun while playing Kabula. If you would like to join this group of people, please check our playtesting section and join us on this adventure.




 We are working hard to make Kabula the best game possible and we want you to try it out! If you want to have fun with your friends, give us feedback, suggest new ideas, changes or simply have a laugh, you are our man/woman. Be a part of this board game. Click the link below and play Kabula.




Now you are thinking: what do burgers have to do with a fantasy board game? The answer is nothing. But, whether you love them or hate them, now we have your attention.

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