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If you want to have fun with your friends, give us feedback, suggest new ideas or simply have a laugh, you are our man/woman. Be a part of this board game. Click the link below and play Kabula.

How to play Kabula?

Download the rulebook then click the link to create a room on Tabletopia and play online for free! Remember to fill the feedback form afterwards!

The video above refers to a previous version but you will still find it useful! The main differences are in the chapters about "Combat" "Monster Encounters" and in the use of "rage". You will find everything simpler and more functional!



Thanks for trusting an unpublished game when you can play a polished product ready for you. We really appreciate the time you are dedicating to Kabula!

We ask you to make one last effort: fill out our feedback form. All your feedback is really valuable to us. We are trying to deliver the best game and your opinion is very important.



Some call them playtesters, we call them heroes

Alberto Di Bartolo, Samuel Thelaus, Toyo Vignal, Daniele C., Claudio Pecoraro, Viviana Compagno, Andrea Zaffora, Francesca Cilluffo, Federica Zanca, Martin Livingston, Conor Dunn, Gordon Govan, "Monty" R.M., Begliola Kaso, Diana Jelenova, Nello Raffaele Addamo, Federica Tumminello, Daniele Tumminello, Alfredo Ongaro, Alvaro Conde, Tom Stanton, Ieva Keraite, Mhairi Clark, Damaso Sanchez, Rahat, Gabriele Falconetti, Turi Caputo, Davide Di Giuseppe, Ben Esfandiar, Witold Mielczarek, Anna Garcia Teruel, Matteo Pellegri, Marco La Barbera, Tito Di Sazio, Salvo Belfiore, Laura Migliore, Riccardo Bertorelli, Salvatore Iavarone, Antonio Verdina, Marianna Solli, Valerio Verdina, Giorgio Siragusa, Mario Almart, Ameya Vaidya, Gabriele Bertolini, Elisabetta, Giuseppe Liga, Lia Verdina, Nahema Venceslai, Jacopo Baldi, Goffredo Piani, Yannis Guerra, Luca Giurintano, Eugenio Corrado, Francesca Palmo, Kate Ciałowicz, DJ Cornelissen, Tommaso Vella + All those we did not manage to contact. Your name may be lost but your feedback will live forever in Kabula!




Now you are thinking: what do burgers have to do with a fantasy board game? The answer is nothing. But, whether you love them or hate them, now we have your attention.

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